Sunday, September 29, 2013

We Told Him We Have A Prophet On The Earth Today.

It's been another great week! Can you believe I have already been about for almost 4 months? That is so crazy to me... Time is just flying by so fast. 

Miguel and Karen are progressing sooo well! It is so exciting to see that. Miguel is FOR SURE getting baptized on Saturday! He is so excited he can hardly stand it. He was saying the sweetest prayers, asking God if he was ready and if it was what he should do, and he says he feels really good about it. He loves going to Cub Scouts (his leader is actually going to baptize him). We are still getting him to be excited about Primary because he has only gone since they've been preparing for the Primary Program so he hasn't gotten to meet his class yet.
Hna. Maughan, Miguel and me.

John’s heart is really softening as he sees the example of his son.
On Friday, we went to their house and planned out the program for his baptism. John and Karen were both there, and you could just see the pride in their eyes. They are so proud of Miguel.  John’s heart is really softening as he sees the example of his son.  John has committed to living the Word of Wisdom, and said he would come back to church! John said the closing prayer at the end of the planning session, and cried while saying it. Then that night they went to their uncle's house to practice how the baptism goes in their pool. On Saturday, Miguel had his interview, and he rocked it! (Not that it's hard, but he was really nervous for it. He kept thinking it was like a test, even though we kept reassuring him it wasn't). Karen and John both came to it, and then right afterwards they went shopping to buy Miguel a suit to wear to his baptism and to buy Karen a skirt! They are trying really hard to keep the Sabbath day Holy, giving up their Arizona Iced Tea to live the Word of Wisdom.  Just truly trying to live the gospel. Karen also asked the missionaries to visit her sons in Texas! I just can't tell you how great it has been to see this family change. When we first met Karen, she was heartbroken, barely holding herself together. Now this family is so happy. Just glowing. They are strong. They are united together in Christ. It is so great to see the Spirit working in their lives. Jesus Christ and his gospel can truly heal everything if we let it. 
Miguel' Baptismal Interview.  

And guess what?? Manuel is also getting baptized on Saturday!
Although we aren't working with Manuel anymore, we still get to see him sometimes because he attends the same branch still, or we see him leaving the Visitor's Center, etc. And guess what??! He is getting baptized on Saturday too! For sure this time! Already had his interview, stake center is scheduled, program is planned. Yessss! He says he has accepted Jesus Christ into his life and is ready to really make the commitment to follow Him. I am so excited for Saturday. It has been such a privilege to be a part of these conversion processes! My testimony grows so much as I see these people growing their testimonies. As I see the gospel enter their lives, heal them, give them hope and give them more happiness. It just makes my commitment to the gospel that much stronger.

They told her that children were damned if they weren't baptized before they died.
We haven't been able to meet much with Marcos this week, but we have met with his Mom, Angela, and his aunt, Juana. I don't really know what Angela's story is about how she found the gospel, but she never was able to learn very much. Some people from the Catholic church came to her house and confused her a lot. They told her that children were damned if they weren't baptized before they died, that if you make mistakes you can never repent, etc. She just got really confused and didn't know what was true or not. So we were able to use the Book of Mormon to resolve some of her concerns. We have also been going over the Restoration a lot with them to help them understand how this church is different than all the others, but exactly the same as how Jesus Christ set up his church.
We have been having a hard time trying to figure out how to help some of the other investigators progress. It seems like they are rather stuck because they don't want to keep commitments, but they believe it all. It is actually really hard to teach Lupe, (a teenage investigator), because there are so many people in her house that are always coming and going.  They all love to talk to us so we get interrupted a lot by random stories, etc. Lupe also  has a hard time focusing . Her great grandma passed away last week, and it was really hard on the whole family. But Lupe's grandma's testimony of the Book of Mormon and prayer has been renewed because that has been how she's found her peace through this situation. It seems like now she just wants to get everyone to read the scriptures! It's great!
One more picture from last week's ward party.

 We could see people watching TV sitting on the couches.
We have been trying to work with the less active members as well. Most of them, we have to start with building a relationship of trust with them. Showing them we are their friends and that we really do love them. They start of pretty hesitant to talk to us. Actually, okay, most of them don't open the door for us. But we try! Haha. The other day we went to a less active member’s house and they had a big glass window in their front door. We could see people watching TV sitting on the couches. Then after we knocked, they saw who it was. They slowly turned off all the lights, and the TV and just pretended like they weren't home. Then they looked at us as we walked away... Then a 10 year old boy hit on us. It was really, really weird.  I just think it's so funny how people do that all the time. Like obviously make eye contact with us, and just pretend like it never happened. I don't really understand it, but it makes me laugh. Just hope that they will warm up to us, because we really just want to help them! Just let them know that we love and miss them!

See, our car really is brand new!

She was like, “Mormons are great”!
We have also been stopping by Jorge’s house a lot. They always have people outside and just random people over.. We have made really good friends with the little kids that live their - Paul and Lisa. They love it when we come over. Their mom likes us a lot too, Linda. The kids love praying with us. It's been hard to have a real lesson with them because there is always so much going on there, but we are working on it! Yesterday Jorge was outside with his sister, Carmen. His sister is awesome though, let me tell you. She just went on and on about how Catholics never actually live their religion, how they worship idols which is against the 10 commandments, how Jorge doesn't actually believe in Catholicism but was just raised that way. She was like, “ Mormons are great”! They are so united, they help people, they really live their religion. Basically whenever Jorge would raise something up, she would shoot him down and tell him how this is the right religion. It was so random, but super awesome. No idea where she came from, or why she thinks these things. As far as I know, she doesn't have any history with the church.

Jorge told us that he has some habits he really wants to stop, but doesn't think he can. He wants to change so badly, but is so scared to do it. We just tried to talk to him about how God loves him so much. How with the strength of Jesus Christ, he can overcome all things. You can just feel he is so broken and just needs help, but doesn't know where to go. We haven't taught him any of the lessons yet, but he says that our message affects him so much already. He says he's been talking to his wife about us (his family lives in Mexico), and she wants him to listen to us and to start changing his life. He tried to get me to talk to her on the phone last night, but it was busy. I really just want to help him. Help him heal through the Atonement of Christ and find peace in His life.

He was so surprised!
We also talked to Enrique this week too. We told him about how we have a prophet on the earth, how Jesus Christ came to the Americas. He was so surprised! It was just a short little talk with him, but the Spirit was so strong. He had never heard of these things, but seemed to be really curious to know. We gave him a book of Mormon and a pamphlet on the Restoration, and I know he read the pamphlet, hopefully he will read the Book of Mormon! He is a fun guy. Has a crazy work schedule though, so it’s hard to find him home.
We get to go to the temple tomorrow! I am so excited! And we have Zone Conference on Wednesday! So it will be an awesome week!

Oh and Ti asked what I do on P-Days. Really, nothing exciting, but it's great because we do nothing. And it's the only day that we do nothing! We do personal & companionship study, write email, get a car wash, go grocery shopping, clean the house, do laundry, and then just relax! Write letters, write in our journal, take a nap. Then at 6pm, back to work! Normally we do FHEs on Mondays.
But really, thanks so much for all that you do for me! I love you all tons! Miss you bunches!

Con amor,

Hermana Haynes  
(From email dated 9-26-13)

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