Sunday, February 16, 2014

Patience and Little Miracles

(Apologies from the editor that this was posted out of order!)

Hi family!   (Email 1-27) 

Another great week but an interesting one! It was a bit of a slow week for us, but that's okay! We had a hard time finding our investigators at home. Marni and Luis randomly moved out of the state, so we were a bit worried about what happened to them until we found that out. Steve also got this new job and is working ALL the time! We were only able to see him once this week, last night. Unfortunately he doesn't have Sundays off anymore, but yesterday we taught the 10 commandments and really put emphasis on keeping the Sabbath day holy. He will not be able to be baptized this week anymore, but hopefully he will be able to soon! And hopefully we will be able to see him more often this week!

But yes, it seemed like everyone was hiding from us this week. It was drastic compared to the last couple of weeks where we were teaching a ton! Sister Groll was a great example to me of being positive and faithful. Although we weren't seeing the results we wanted to see, we worked as hard as we could and tried to visit and plan as well as we could! Yesterday, during personal study, I read the story about the Nephites waiting for the sign of Christ's birth in 3 Nephi. I learned a lot from it. Although they were persecuted so hard and it seemed like the signs would never come, although they were threatened to be killed for their beliefs, they did not give up their hope or their faith. They stuck true to what they knew and trusted completely in God. It helped me realize that I needed to have more faith and hope in my life too. Although things might not be happening exactly how I want them to, I know that God is in charge of the work. He is our Father and has a perfect plan for each one of us. His plans are different than ours, but they are better. I just need to trust that He will not let me waste my time. If nothing else, I am learning and getting stronger. He blesses us in different ways. He is in charge of this work and it is important to Him. I just need to trust in Him and do all that I can to serve him.

Besides,we really did see miracles this week! Although it was a little bit of a rough week, I got a great testimony of enduring to the end! By Saturday night we had only 2 member presents (lessons taught with a member present), but Sunday just loaded us with miracles! Those investigators coming to church was a HUGE miracle and we were randomly able to get 3 member presents that day! 

Especially yesterday! Rono came to church even though we didn't see him all week! And a member picked up Marta's kids and they were able to come too! It was great! And Manuel, Karen, and Terry all got callings yesterday! All 3 of them were called to serve in young men's or young women's! I was SO happy! Manuel was super excited and told me that it is really going to encourage him to stay active in the church. I think they are all going to go do baptisms for the dead soon and going to the open house for Gilbert! We are going to the open house tomorrow with the Uribes and I am super excited! I have never been to one before!

Also, I don't know if you remember Lena. We had an AWESOME Restoration lesson with her and then the next day she went to Mexico. Well, she finally came back and we found her again! She is the sweetest little thing! We are excited to start teaching her more! When we went to her house, her grandson Luke was there and the next day we found him standing outside his apartments. He asked if we remembered him (we talk to sooo many people it's hard to remember them all, but they always remember us! My motto "fake it til you make it"). Anyway, we were able to share a brief message on the restoration and set up a return appointment with him! It is crazy how perfect the Lords timing is. 

Another interesting thing that happened this week is that we got a referral for the English ward! That was something new for me. Apparently she has requested sisters instead of elders. We are the sisters closest to her. We met her for the first time yesterday. Her name is Kimberly, and boy does she has been through a lot! We basically spent an hour yesterday with her and she just told us all the things that were weighing her down. She was raised as a Jehovah's Witness and right now is really trying to find God. She is taking classes from the JWs (not really interested, but her sister asked her to) and from us. She has a great member friend that referred her. She has a little bit of Native American blood (she thinks) and is very intrigued by them. She LOVED that we believe Christ came to the Americas and that we are so focused on families. I think the coolest thing about teaching her was when she asked if her past would be a problem for her in the Mormon church. Immediately all 3 of us (us and the AWESOME member that came out with us) said no. Truly with Christ, our past is never a problem. We were able to testify that no matter what we have done or been through, all can be made right through Christ. Her broken soul can be healed through His Atonement. It felt so good to be able to testify that to her. I am excited to see where things go with her. It is definitely going to bring some interesting stories I know!

Also the quinceañera was awesome. I seriously have always wanted to go to one.

Time is going by so fast and I can't believe it. I want it to slow down! I feel like I am still brand new, but I am getting closer and closer to the half way point. It needs to sloooowww down! I am pretty sure I only have a few weeks left in this branch, which is so sad to me! I just want to make the absolute most out of this time. I love all of it, the good and the bad. It is teaching me so much! I can't imagine my life without the mission. This is the best decision I have ever made. I love you all so muchamuch and can't begin to express what your support means to me! 

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Haynes

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