Sunday, October 12, 2014

We Are Blessed To Be Lead By A Living Prophet

Hi Family and friends!! (10-6-14 Email)            

Another week flew by. So crazy this whole time thing. I hope you are all doing good! And I hope the baby blessing goes well on Sunday and that everyone has a safe, enjoyable trip! Give Kensie lots of love from me! 

This week was good for us. Things are moving pretty slowly right now, and I am not quite sure why. We have lots of potential, but it seems like we find these really great investigators, and then we can't find them again. We've been talking about it lately and are trying to evaluate everything we are doing - any changes we can make, different things we can try, new ideas. We have some good ideas, so hopefully we can see more progress this week. I just want to do the very best that I can and do the most work. I am trying to keep my head 100% in the work and have more faith and expect greater things. 

Haha it's been a weird 3 weeks here so far (not bad don't worry haha they have just felt different), but its really helping me learn! We are doing so great though and are finding more every day. Hopefully we can do more follow-up with those people we've found previously. There's good things that are happening everyday, and little by little we are making more and more progress!

We decided we need to work more with the members, so we are trying to meet all the members in our area. I have loved doing that! We found some less active members that haven't been visited by missionaries in years, and all sorts of different types of families! My favorite so far is the Vela family. They are members of a few years and are so cute and funny haha. They still have only a basic knowledge of the gospel and really want us to help them to learn more. 

They have a 9 year old daughter, Alicia, that we are going to help prepare for baptism! I love them so much already Haha. Their mom wasn't sure about baptism and wasn't sure if her daughter would want to, but then we talked to the daughter about it and taught her why we do it, and she was excited about it, just made sure she wouldn't have to be under the water for too long haha.

On Thursday we got to go to the temple, and I loved that. It is always so great to be there. And then on Friday we had MLC, which is always the most inspiring meeting. President Jenkin's taught us all what he learned when he was in a meeting with Elder Cook, and it really helped open my eyes and helped me understand what I can be doing better/more. And then Conference was absolutely amazing! It was amazing how many questions it answered for me and gave me so much guidance. We are so blessed to be led by living prophets! It seemed like a lot of the talks were about things we have been learning in MLC or other meetings lately/focuses of our mission. 

I loved Elder Lynn G. Robbin's talk - he came to our MLC in August and talked to us about the "Loser's List" 
- things we do to self-justify and take away our responsibility. He also talked to us about "what way do we face?" I especially loved Saturday's sessions. And it was so cool to see people speaking in Spanish at General Conference! I can't even say which talk was my favorite because I honestly loved so many of them.

On Wednesday we get to watch Meet The Mormons. Are you going to go watch it this week too? :) Invite all your friends! 

I love you all so much! Thanks for all your love and support! You are the best! Being a missionary is the best! I love it so much! 

Con amor,
Hermana Haynes

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