Sunday, June 8, 2014

We Teach - How To Recognize The Holy Ghost And Receive AnswersTto Prayers

Hi family!  (Email 6-2-14)

Another week is done. I can't believe how fast time goes. It's June already, and I will be hitting my year mark this week, (June 5th). Crazy to think I have been out here for that long already. It's just flown right by. Think about all that has happened this year! What a wonderful year it has been :)

This week was a bit of ups and downs, but so much learning experiences, and much more ups than downs! There was really only one down, but it will all be alright. Jime and Lupita decided to postpone their baptism. They still want to do it, just need more time and want to finish this commitment they have to be godparents in the Catholic Church. So hopefully soon! We were working hard to prepare them for this Saturday. They have been taught everything, had the program all ready to go, even had their interview done. Jime has really been having a hard time committing to baptism though, and he just didn't feel ready for it. At first, I wanted it to happen so badly this week, I was praying and trying to push it. But then it dawned on me, that I needed to listen to what Jime was saying to me. That I wanted him to have the desire and the firmness in his decision so that he could keep those covenants for his whole life. It's always important to remember that God has a plan, that lots of times it’s not YOUR plan, but His plan is always better. So when we officially decided to postpone the baptism, I felt really peaceful and really hopeful about it.

I also realized that I need to improve my teaching abilities, and am learning how I can improve. I am grateful for this experience because I really am learning a lot from it. I know it will work out. They are still excited about it, still came to church yesterday and everything. Hopefully this will help the members step up the game a little bit and work harder for this family. We have seen it already with some of them!

We had exchanges on Thursday with Hermana Coy and we went to her area. It was really great. We went to her district meeting and learned a lot there (got 2 district meetings this week haha! good thing they are always super great). She is a great teacher too, and we learned some great techniques from her. I want to really help all the investigators have a firm foundation in their testimony of the Restoration before I move on to other gospel doctrines/principles. Because if they have a firm testimony that this is the true church on the earth, then they can accept everything else so much easier. I also want to listen, observe, and discern more - really teach according to people's needs. 

On Saturday we spent a couple hours contacting in the 107* sun. Haha it was fun though. People offer us water so we get to talk more to them. We really need to find some new investigators that are prepared and going to progress, so we decided we were going to talk to literally every single person that we saw until dinner time. They all live so close, and all speak Spanish, so it was great. We found a family that just moved from Mexico and are just about to move into the trailer park and had never talked with missionaries before. We found someone who took a semester of seminary in high school, a bunch of other people. So hopefully there is potential with some of those people! We had a mission wide fast yesterday for finding opportunities and finding successes, so hopefully we see some great things this month!
Working in the Sun. So much sun!
We did lots of service this week too, I think I washed more dishes this week than I have in a very long time. I love it though. There were a few hermanas in our ward that got in a bad car accident this week, so we wanted to help them, and dishes is the least that we could do. 

That's pretty much it for this week. I feel like this is kind of short, so sorry about that! Next week we have a temple excursion, so President Jenkins will be there and we will have a little meeting in the chapel before so I am really excited for that. And we will have ZTM (zone testimony meeting). 

I am trying to think if there is any other random things I can tell you about my life, but I can't really think of any. Haha ok well, about the respados (Mexican snowcones), I said earlier in the day that I wanted to try one, and then we had them later that day. Tender mercy, haha maybe?
We were going to have a noche de hogar, but instead they made us respados, Mexican snow cones. (So much better than American ones.) Hopefully we can do the NdH next week!

Mom this will make you happy, there are canals all throughout the city, and we run along them every morning, and there are always bunnies out there by them! Haha so I always get excited for that. We keep finding cockroaches in our apartment. Only 3 so far, and Hna Hurd always kills them for me. But my bathroom got infested with ants, but we had some raid, so they all died. Thank goodness for raid. Ummm... well I think that's it. A little bit of variety?

It's so reassuring to know that we have the truth in our lives, and that we always know how to receive the guidance that we need. That's something we have been trying to focus on with the people that we teach - how to recognize the Holy Ghost and receive answers to prayers. I know that we can find answers to every single thing that we need. It all matters to Him. Maybe we can't find it out exactly when we want to, but God loves us and He has the best in mind for us. Never doubt that! I am trying to learn to trust in Him and rely on Him more and more.

I love you all so much! Hope you have a great week!

Con amor,
Hermana Haynes 

Got super close to running out of gas, haha, but we made it!
Hna. hurds new friend noviembre

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