Sunday, August 24, 2014

I Know That Christ's Gospel Is Perfect

Hola familia y amigos !! (8-4-14 Email)

I know I say this all the time, but I really mean it this week: this was the fastest week of my life, I swear. Haha its like someone has pressed fast forward and forgot to press play again. It was a good week. Pretty normal. But I enjoyed it!

We haven't been able to find Fabio all week, so that is a bummer. Apparently he works from like 3am-6pm everyday, so as soon as he is home he sleeps. And there are like 6 people that live with him and they all share 1 cell phone, so he never has it really. But we have met some of his roommates and shared a bit with them, so hopefully there's potential there! We are really trying to find some more people to teach, so we have been trying hard to talk with everyone and do good, effective contacts with people. Sometimes it is hard to make it personal towards people when you talk to a bunch of people in a day, but we are trying hard to make them led by the Spirit. We did find a great new family this week, the Gonzales. Their 11 year old daughter seems especially interested, and I think that they might have some great potential.

Anna is doing great! She came to the ward Noche de hogar with all the kids and she liked it. And the two oldest boys went to mutual. She came to church yesterday too! The members are doing a good job of reaching out to her as well. Still trying to ensure that her desires are sincere, and I think the more and more she learns, the more sincere they are getting. We tried to have a lesson where we just taught the kids in English... failure. Haha we tried so hard, with activities, balloon demonstrations, everything. But they would not hold still or listen or anything. All they wanted to do was hit each other haha. So little by little for the children...
The Ramirez family has their family from Mexico here that they haven't seen for 14 years, so I don't think we are really going to see them for the next 2 weeks...

But Gina and Vanessa are doing great! We taught them about temples, eternal families, and chastity. Monday was Vanessa's birthday so we made her a cake and celebrated with her. It's kind of funny teaching her because she is my age and I feel like I could be good friends with her in real life. So it is funny to be a missionary teaching her. But I love it. 

We had a big miracle with them this week. We wanted to strengthen their testimony on the Restoration, so we invited them to watch Joseph Smith, Prophet of the Restoration at the Visitor's Center. And they came, and it was so great! AND they brought their dad! Vanessa was crying throughout the movie, and at the end you could see that Gina was really growing interest for herself now as we talked to her after the movie. And their dad really liked it as well and said he wanted to start learning! Vanessa is still having to work on Sundays, which breaks my heart. But I am thinking at least it is giving them more time to progress together as a family. I was so happy after that movie!

So far what I have noticed about being an Sister Training Leader is that it means a bunch more meetings haha. But its great because that means I get to learn a lot! We went to transfer meeting plus a few other meetings after that. At transfer meeting President Jenkins told us a family history story that he just found out: apparently his great-great grandpa (or something) that he is named after is one of the original founders of Mesa, AZ and he had no idea! Isn't that crazy? And then on Friday I had my first MLC. It was super long, but really great. I learned a lot, and I can definitely see how these things will help me serve in the church for the rest of my life. We learned about a bunch of different things, but especially what it means to be a leader and how to be the most effective leader. And the importance of councils within the church and how to hold a proper council. Then we counseled about a variety of topics, including mission culture, etc. President explained to us about his vision for the mission and some other topics as well. I have to figure out what I want to do for the sisters I am over because we aren't doing overnight exchanges this transfer, so I have to figure out another way to train them. But I don't know them really at all,so I am not sure what would be most beneficial for them. I think I might meet up with them for a little bit this week to get to know them and see where they are at. They are super sweet and I am excited to get to know them better.

Want to know something really cool that I am excited for? On the 16th we are having an MLC with Elder Lynn G. Robbins, from the presidency of the 70. How cool is that?? So we will get a pretty personal meeting with a general authority! I am going to learn soooo much!

Well, that was pretty much all for this week. Just want to let you all know that I know without a doubt that the gospel of Christ is perfect. I want to be a better disciple of Christ. We must live the things that we know. I want my life to reflect His teachings. I know that God loves us. And because He loves us He has restored Christ's church to the earth. And I know that we have a prophet that leads us today! WE ARE SO BLESSED! :)

I love you! Have a great week!

Con amor,
Hermana Haynes

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