Sunday, August 31, 2014

Everything Is Possible With Christ

(8-11-14 Email)
Hello again family and friends! Its Monday again!

I hope everyone is doing well. Getting ready for school to start, keeping up with work, getting ready for Baby K to be born, moving, missionary work. Lots of stuff going on in our family! Always praying for you all!

Hmmmm well we had a good week this week. A little slower than normal, but that's okay. It was still great. We are trying to do more contacting and finding more people to teach. And I realized that the heat was starting to wear me out, and going from hot to cold in and out of the car was tiring me, haha, so we have just been walking lately. We will just park our car in a neighborhood and just walk everywhere for an hour or two. I really like it. We can talk to more people on the streets and gives me more energy. But I do get really sweaty, so that's just lovely.

While we were doing that, we saw a lady coming out of her apartment in a hurry, so we just asked her if we could come visit her the next day. So they were actually home and let us in when we came back! Their names are Alexa and Pablo. And they are 100% pure Mayan from a little pueblito in Guatemala! They taught us a few Mayan phrases and everything. So we were super excited to teach them about the Book of Mormon and give it to them. It is literally written for them from their ancestors. It was just the coolest feeling knowing that we were able to help God fulfill ancient promises in the Book Of Mormon, and to help fulfill ancient prophecies. They were nice, not superrrrr receptive, but I think there is potential there. I am just really hoping and praying that they will read it and feel the spirit of that special book.

We had another lesson with Elana Gonzoles this week! We came back and she had actually read the chapter that we gave her, and understood it and had good questions. So we were super happy. The things that stood out to her from it was that Christ gave the apostles power to baptize and that he baptized people standing up in water. So that was super great. We taught her the Plan of Salvation The Plan of Salvation and it went really well. Her two youngest kids are always fighting for her attention, but she is so good at listening attentively and asking questions, so you can tell she is honestly interested. I am excited for her. Her husband always hides from us though... and her mom came in during our lesson and looked a bit upset that we were there, but we can work with that haha.

I think the biggest miracle of the week though was the lesson we had with Gina and Vanessa. Gina said that after watching Joesph Smith, Prophet of the Restoration,Joseph Smith, Prophet of The Restoration she had been thinking about it everyday, and praying about it, that she couldn't get it off her mind. We were able to explain to her that the spirit was testifying to her that it was true. She is finally starting to grow that personal desire for this and understanding the importance of The Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ!!! The Restoration of The Gospel Yay! And Vanessa is talking to her boyfriend about living the law of chastity! Trying so hard to be obedient. It's amazing. We taught them the Word of Wisdom this week, and Gina already lives it perfectly. Vanessa stopped drinking as soon as we met with them, but coffee was a bit of a surprise for her. They are so prepared though. So ready. We just need to get them to church. It kills me that they aren't coming. Vanessa is really trying to get to church, and I don't think Gina's husband will let her come on her own. It will happen. 

They both agreed to be baptized though! Vanessa,like a firm commitment, like for sure. And Gina was a bit more suave. still though, so huge. The goal was the 30th, but I don't know if they will have enough church attendance by then.

Anna Rojas and her family have been a bit hard to teach this week, haha, but what else is knew. We helped her make tamales the other day and that was fun. She isn't going to make it for the 16th, but hopefully by the end of the month. Just really want to help her understand and feel this in her heart, and have the faith to live it. 
Making tamales with the Rojas family.

We also got a referral for a lady, Anita, this week. We taught her and committed her for baptism on the first lesson. But lately she seems to be avoiding us... It's possible she might just be in it for the welfare, but we are hoping for the best. The poor lady's husband was kidnapped 2 years ago in Mexico, and she really needs help. We will see what happens!

Well, that was pretty much my week. It was great. We are working hard, but trying to push ourselves to work even harder. Please pray that our investigators will have the faith to keep their commitments and that we will be able to find the people that God is preparing to receive the gospel. I know that Christ's church and gospel truly were restored. And I want so badly to share that happiness and the guidance it has brought into my life! Always remember that everything is possible with Christ! We just need to have the faith to live the way He asks us too!

I love you all so much! Have a great week!

Con amor,
Hermana Haynes
An interesting Arizona bug.

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