Sunday, September 7, 2014

We Have 100% Agency And 100% Responsibility For Our Lives

Dear family, (8-18-14 Email)

I had a great week. It was wonderful.
Hermana Haynes

(Editor's note - This was the follow up email we received after we all emailed her to see if she was okay.  Very funny Hna. Haynes!)

Just kidding, here's my real letter. But I can't focus very much right now haha so I will probably keep it short.

I learned a lot this week. Great personal studies, a wonderful zone conference, and the most amazing MLC with Elder Robbins from the 70. I don't think I had ever learned that much in a three hour period before. I can't explain very well what I learned because there was so much! But most of it was all based off of how we have 100% agency in our life, and with that we are 100% responsible for everything that happens. The more responsibility we take for our lives, the more control we have over our lives. Often times Satan tries to get us to say we are not responsible for the things in our lives, deceiving us  so that we cannot have as much control over ourselves. Super interesting and eye opening.

Notes from training by Elder Robbins
Investigators are doing well, all pretty much the same though. Keep praying for them! We had some really good lessons with them. So much potential! We did find one really great new investigator this week, Craig. He just moved here from Honduras 2 months ago. We happened to have the perfect fellowshipper for him with us when we found him, and it went great. We've had two lessons with him so far, and he is excited to learn more.

We had a huge rainstorm this week, and that was super fun! We went out and ran with it. And I had my first exchange with one of my sisters. It went well, and I think I was really able to help her. I don't know these sisters very well, but I love them so much and want to really be able to help and inspire them. Oh, and next week I will have pday on Tuesday because we have mission conference on Monday, just so you know!

We had a really inspiring zone conference as well. I think from everything I learned this week, I have really been meditating on what it truly means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. What it means to truly love God and to love our fellow men. I think that it means that we must push ourselves a little bit more to do the things that we know we need to do, whether it's hard or uncomfortable or scary. We must show true devotion in all aspects of our lives. And we must rely on Christ's Atonement to get us there. It's the hardest road to take, but it's the happiest one!

Love you all so much! And welcome to the family Baby K, (Natalie's new niece)! Have a great week! 

Con amor,
Hermana Haynes

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