Sunday, September 28, 2014

It's A Wonderful Feeling To Trust In God's Perfect Plan

Hi family and friends!  (9-15-14 Email)

You get my email now haha sorry we went bowling with some people today, so our Pday has been a bit crazy. But it has been quite a week! Haha lots of changes and adjusting to do, but it is good.

The last few days in Liahona 1st were really good, such a great way to end it off. I got to say goodbye to everyone, and in my last hour there we found 3 new investigators. It was hard to leave, but I know its all God's plan so I am good with it. So crazy the sisters told me on Sunday they released the bishop over there, so it will be a completely different ward now!

Then Wednesday we had transfer meeting and here I am at Liahona 4th with Hna Brons and Hna Taboada! We have a huge ward (share it with 2 other companionships) and a big area. They all seem super nice, but it is so hard to remember who they all are! I accidentally started re-introducing myself to people because I forgot that I had already met them haha. I am excited to help this ward and get to know everyone. Right now we don't really have any progressing investigators, so we are going to be focusing on finding. There's a ton of potential here, so as long as we can get to work it shouldn't be a problem. There are a lot of recent converts in our area so we are also focusing on retention and working a lot with them. So please pray that we can find the people that God is preparing to receive the gospel.

On Saturday all of the missionaries came together with the city officials from Mesa to do a service project for the flood victims. Apparently the rainstorm on Monday is the most rain Mesa has seen in 100 years. It seemed pretty normal to me coming from Seattle, but apparently it was a big deal haha and a lot of houses or things got ruined. We drove past one park that was like in a little valley and it was so flooded that people were swimming and kayaking in it. It was the craziest thing! So 

On Saturday we went house to house (about 200 of us) and helped as many people as we could. In the parts that we went to, most people had already finished taking out the old stuff by that point, but we were able to help a few people so that was nice. And we got to help Gina and Vanessa - were Vanessa excitedly told me that she will be getting baptized on October 11th! (oh and angel is Andre getting baptized on Sunday! yay!) But it was so cool to see so many of us going all around the city helping and serving and just trying to make people's lives better.

My companions are so fun. Hna T is from Bolivia and has been out for about a year. She is so cute and sweet. Being in a trio is fun. I love both of my companions so much! Sooo happy to be with both of them! And our roommates are fun too! Let me say though it has been quiet an adjustment going from mellow, quiet Hna Hurd for 4+ months to being around 4 loud social people all the time haha. It is fun, but I am just trying to figure out how I can help inspire more diligent work so we can get out there and see miracles! 

Roomies and Comps!
And our room..... :)
I am learning a lot about my own weaknesses and the things that God wants me to change about myself. Learning how to develop more charity, self-esteem, how to not be a control freak/perfectionist, how to be an example, etc. I am learning a lot and just trying to figure out the role God wants me to play, and the person that God wants me to become. 

I got a cold/sinus infection this week so I had a really fuzzy head and made me feel like I couldn't think clearly at all, but I am in the recovery stage of it now, so feeling better. 

I know that I am here for a reason and with these people for a reason as well. God needs us to teach and strengthen each other. It is the most wonderful feeling to have that trust in God's perfect plan and love because I never have to worry when I know I am where He wants me to be. I just have to do my best to live His gospel and serve His children. I am trying to learn to love people the way that Heavenly Father loves me. His love is perfect, fulfilling, and unconditional. I am so grateful that I can always rely on that.

I love you all so much and am so grateful for your love and support. You are all wonderful!

con amor,
Hermana Haynes
Haha new finding technique - lemonade stand giving free Water of Life!
Mexico Independence Day party.  Maybe I was having too much fun haha!

P-Day bowling and pizza!

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