Sunday, November 2, 2014

God Is So In The Details!

Hi Family & Friends!!    (Email 10-27-14)

This was a really great week here in Liahona 4th! It is so fun being Hna Brons and I again; just like good old times. We are just best friends and work so well together. It is so cool to see how much we have changed and improved as missionaries compared to 7 months ago or so. Its nice because we are both better at being missionaries and the language, already know each other and how each other works, so we are just ready to go! We were able to do a lot this week. I was really happy.
Me and The Brons! Working together again.
On Monday we started teaching a new referral, Linda, from Colombia. We taught her about The Restoration and invited her to be baptized. She is really into the LDS Singles program and is a super confident lady, so fun. She came to church this week and really enjoyed it. Found her own ride (who is an older sister in our ward, not even sure how they know each other haha). But we are really excited to be working with her because she already knows a lot about the church and is seeking it out on her own. 

We also were able to teach Marcos again (the exchange student), and that went really well! He is going to church and mutual every week with one of his friends (to a different ward but that's ok because he can't get baptized anyways) and then is in seminary. He seems to be enjoying it too, but is more reserved/shy when we talk to him. He is pretty mature for his age and seems to want to know and understand for himself. 

Tomorrow we have appts with both of them and we will be on exchanges. The sister that is coming here just happens to be from Columbia! How perfect is that? God is so in the details.

We also were able to find Marta again! We taught her the Restoration as well and invited her to be baptized. On our return appointment, she wasn't home but her parents invited us in and we talked with them for awhile, got to know them and their background and were able to share a little bit about our beliefs with them. They are very nice and really want us to help their daughter, but want to ensure that their daughter is 100% interested and not just being polite. But the next day, two of their other daughters came to the ward Halloween party that we invited them too, so we were super happy about that!

We have been trying really hard this week to talk with everybody! Everyyybody. And we see miracles because of this. I don't know why I go through times on my mission when I get lazy or timid about doing it because it always brings great miracles. We were able to find a less active member that really wants to come back to church, and a great new investigator, Ricardo. We talked to him on the street and he invited us to his house right then saying he was trying to figure out which church was true. He is a very religious person and is sincerely trying to figure out what is right. We are trying our best to teach according to his needs and how he will best understand. He seems a bit skeptical, but its coming along. We invited him to be baptized on the 22nd if he receives his answer by that date. 

Things are really starting to pick up more here, and I am so grateful for that. Ellen started working though, so we didn't get to see them this whole week and they didn't come to church either :( And please pray for Lidia and her children; their situation is really bad and they could use all the prayers they can get.

On Friday we had the ward trunk or treat, and it was so fun. They asked us to be the judges for the chili cook off and that was fun haha. We got to try all sorts of types. And we had some less actives members come and some investigators as well, so we were excited. The people here are so great. I love them all so much. The Hispanic people have just stolen my heart haha. 

Oh, I remembered something! This weekend their was a native american festival in Pioneer Park, (a huge park in our area), and we went and contacted people in it. It was so fun haha hearing their music and awkwardly following people until they stopped walking. One little girl ran up to us and asked us for a Book of Mormon, so we were super excited until we talked to her mom who told us she just felt bad because she lost the copy her friend had given her haha. But we got a really good referral from it.  

But more or less, that was my week! I am so excited to hear that Baby Grant made it here safely! What a cute little baby. I cannot wait to meet him and Kensie. My sisters have such cute kids. It kills me. 

Anyways, I just want to let you all know that God has a plan. He knows us better than we understand and gives us exactly the things we need. He has a special way of being able to love each of us perfectly. I was reading Elder Scott's talk from this last conference and it really hit me how powerful prayer can be if we fully utilize it. Heavenly Father wants to hear from US - to really hear how we feel, what we think, what we are going through, however big or little it may be. So I want to get better at really opening up to Him.

I am so grateful for each one of you! Your support, love and prayers mean the world. The mission is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Con amor, 
Hermana Haynes

Ward Halloween party!

Ward mission leader.  He's the best. Super fun too!
We had a lot of fun at the party!
Yep, I'm still finding puppies!

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