Sunday, November 23, 2014

I Want To Be 100% Committed To Jesus Christ

Hello family and friends!        (11-17-14 email)

Wow what a week. Life is crazy. So good. I don't know where to start haha my head is a little bit all over the place right now.

On Tuesday we had zone conference which lasted about the whole day until dinner time. It was really great though. We had good training on planning and online proselyting. President gave us a super inspiring training on the doctrine of Christ and making that our focus and our center - not only in our lessons, but in our whole lives. The assistants gave us a training on commitment that I really loved. You should read the talk, "The Word is Commitment" by Marvin J. Ashton Oct 1983. Such a good talk. I read it again this morning and just really helps me remember what really matters and what I am doing to become the type of person that I want to be.

Then on Wednesday we had a temple trip. My last time going to the mesa temple as a missionary. It was a really sweet experience. But sad as well. I love being there, especially to be in the celestial room surrounded by all the other missionaries that I know and love, knowing that we are united in something so great. Such an interesting part of my mission, coming to the end of it. All sorts of emotions, but then again I am a missionary and am loving it like I do every day!

But we had a really good week. Keeping ourselves busy. We had some good trials, but some amazing miracles as well. I feel like God almost gives us trials just so He can show us His power and let us see just exactly what He can accomplish when we trust in Him. He really has a perfect plan and has it all worked out. We just need to learn to better trust in Him and to not worry about things. Just do our best and it will work out. 

Well, we went back to visit Ricardo and he told us that he didn't like church and that he doesn't want to meet with us anymore. So he dropped us. I just shared a bold testimony with him because it was really sad to know what he was denying himself. One day he will be ready. We've been working with Ellen a lot this week too and have had some adventures with her. The first day that we met with her, we asked her how the wedding preparations were going, and they told us that they decided to move their wedding until Dec 20th. I honestly was shocked. Felt like someone stabbed me in the heart. I don't think Hna Brons and I could hide our disappointment and were quiet for a good few minutes. But we talked with them about it, and they just wanted more time to plan things. But when they found out that I was going home on Dec 2nd, Jose quickly decided that they wanted to do it on the 28th of Nov and made me promise I would come back in a year for their sealing. It was such a sweet thing to see that it was important to them that I was there. They are so ready for this. 

Ellen has so much faith. That same visit we heard her mention something about coffee... then the next time we went back to visit them we decided to review the Word of Wisdom with her. Turns out she has a coffee addiction! What?? How did we not know about this? Just needs her cup of coffee every morning to get her going. Well, we talked about it, and taught the doctrine of obedience and faith and the Atonement. She decided to give up coffee right there at the moment. We took her coffee home with us and threw it away. Please pray for her that she will be able to adjust quickly to not drinking it and will be able to stay strong and resist temptation. She has to not drink it for two weeks in order to be baptized. Besides that though, every thing is on track for the 28th with her. She is nervous to get married, but so excited. Jose is really excited too. When we go there, we can feel the spirit in their home. It is so amazing to see and hear about the changes that they have made and are making in their lives. Heavenly Father has been preparing Ellen for this moment for a long time. And it is almost here. Let's just all pray hard for her.

The Quinterra family is doing so great as well. Sopia just loves it and is willing to meet with us almost everyday. Her husband is super supportive as well, and loves to meet with us when he doesn't have work. Their little kids are so cute but so crazy. One of them absolutely loves it when we come over though. He says the prayer every time and sits their quietly throughout the whole lesson and always opens his Book of Mormon even though he can't read. All of his siblings just play though haha. But they are super receptive. We invited them to be baptized on the 29th, and they accepted without hesitation! We had the Phoenix temple dedication yesterday so there wasn't church. So to count church attendance we had to watch a conference talk with our investigators, but they have been busy for the past couple of days so we weren't able to watch it with them, so we will have to push it back. I think it is for the best though. They are a solid family, and we just need to take it at their pace instead of making them feel pushed. I know they will make it though. They are really seeking to know God better.

We also got a referral from the elders for a family, the Vieras. We have only met with them once so far, but they seem pretty promising as well. We also had good lessons with Linda and also with Marcos. They are starting to break down their walls and be more sincere and have more personal interest. Little by little. We are also working a lot with the recent converts in our area. We have quite a few, and it seems like all of them are really struggling right now. We are trying really hard to strengthen them and to help them feel the Spirit. They are all so great and want the best, but it is just a hard change to make. I know they can all do it though.

Well, that was our week. It is starting to get cold here. (Is it bad that I need a sweater at 75*?) Compared to the heat though, I would take the cold any day! I absolutely love being Hna Brons's companion. Love her to pieces. I am so grateful that God has put her in my life! It's her birthday tomorrow! Kind of
hard to plan a surprise for someone's birthday when you are with them 24/7 haha. Please pray for me during these next two weeks. That I may be able to stay focused on what matters most and work as hard as I can and love every moment. And that I may be able to always remember the things that I am learning and live them fully for the rest of my life. I want to be 100% committed to Jesus Christ and to living and sharing His gospel - when it is easy and when it is hard.  Both as a missionary, and as whatever else life has to offer me. I know there is nothing more important than that.

I love you so much and I am so thankful for your support. I really have the best family ever!

Con amor,
Hermana Haynes

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