Sunday, November 16, 2014

I Can't Do Anything Without Strength From Jesus Christ

Hi family and friends!!      Email of 11-10-14 

So good to hear from you this week! Time keeps speeding by it, it is crazy! We had a great week this week, so full of miracles. We kept really busy and had lots to do! This area is really starting to boom, and I am so grateful for the Lord's hand in all that is going on.

This week I had my last two exchanges, and they went well. I had one with Hna Taboada on Tuesday and Hna Mayorca on Friday. Hna Brons took care of the area really well, and had great miracles while I was away. She was able to set a baptismal date with Marta, so that was exciting!
Exchanges with Hna Taboada
We have had some good lessons with Ricardo this week as well. We found a less active sister, (Ariel), that lives right next to him, so we all go over to Ariel's house and sit outside and have the lessons together. Ricardo is reading, and seems like he wants to believe but still has some doubts. He's a pretty quiet guy so hard to know exactly what he's thinking. Before he was really scared to come to church, but this week we explained it well to him, and he agreed to come, and was ready to go on Sunday morning! He left pretty fast afterwards, but hopefully he enjoyed it.

I think one of our biggest miracles this week was a referral we got from our Ward mission leader for their neighbors, the Quinterras family, who came to the Halloween party. They are the sweetest little family. The mom, Sophia, is pregnant with their 6th child, and all their kids are under 8. The dad is Valentino. We did some how begin teaching on Tuesday and left them with a pamphlet on the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When we came back on Thursday and Sophia had read the pamphlet twice and then read it to her husband. She understood it so well  and loved it and basically taught us the first lesson explaining what she learned. I was amazed. And she had read the intro to the Book of Mormon. They all came to church on Sunday and loved it, then last night they came and watched Joseph Smith, Prophet of the Restoration. we have another appointment tonight and are praying that they will be ready for baptism on the 29th. Such a huge miracle.

And then another huge miracle!  Ellen. Somehow everything is miraculously coming together and she will be getting married on Saturday!!! And then getting baptized on the 29th. I honestly do not know how all of that is coming together. She has been so ready for a long time, but we kept having obstacle after obstacle (ex., they randomly told us they were moving this week, and were supposed to have moved out of our area, but ended up moving right at the edge within our area). One by one God is helping us overcome the obstacles. It seemed impossible, but God has always reassured us that everything would come together. We have been praying so hard for her. And she is so, so excited. If everything goes perfectly, we will be able to have 4 baptisms on the 29th. Pray hard!! And pray that we will have the faith to make it happen - Elizabeth, the Pinedas, and Pablo. It's going to be a huge stretch, but if it's Gods will and if we do all that we can, I know it can happen.

I feel like lately I have been learning a lot about what it means to truly endure to the end. I am understanding that it doesn't mean just not quitting. It means keeping that vision and keeping that commitment no matter what comes your way. Always pushing yourself to increase your faith, to change and let go of your sins, to stay committed and work hard. I am trying to do my best, but I know I can't do anything without the strength from Jesus Christ. This is His work and He makes it possible. I am so grateful for the blessing and privilege I have to be His representative and His missionary. To share His gospel.

I love you so much and am so grateful for your prayers. We will need them a lot in the next coming weeks!

Have a great week!

Con amor,
Hermana Haynes

Getting ready for nursing! Removed Stitches for a recent convert.  It was fun haha!

Fun barbecue! 
This was our dinner the other day. cabeza de Barbacoa.  they cook a cow's head in the backyard then chop it ALL, including tongue, eyes, etc., and then put it in tacos. Not too bad...  Tasted a little fatty though.
Getting ready for Christmas lights at the temple!

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