Friday, June 21, 2013

She's Singing at Sunday's Leadership Conference!

Received a great email from Natalie yesterday that I will try to post on Sunday.  However, I thought I should post the part about her singing during the conference BEFORE it happens! I think it will be broadcast at 3:00 in the Redmond Stake Center, and that you can also catch it on-line.

Okay, so not the happiest picture of Natalie, but it's the only one remotely associated with choir that she sent! This is picture is "Choir practice with Hna. Tui'one."   
One more reminder - WORLD WIDE BROADCAST THIS SUNDAY. I AM GOING TO BE SINGING TO THE PROPHET. How cool is that??? There's about like 3,000 people in this choir, but hopefully you will see me for a second at least! In practices so far, I have sat in one of the first few rows, but we will see because a member choir is joining the MTC choir, so it will be a lot different. I think I am going to be wearing that orange shirt I wore to the temple and a blue skirt. And also, just watch the broadcast. There's a rumor going around (which I am pretty sure is real) that there will be a big announcement released!  There might not even be anything announced, but overall, it is going to be an awesome historic broadcast where all of the apostles will be presiding in the Marriott center (where I will be) sharing a message with the world in a random meeting about the importance of missionary work. Obviously its gotta be pretty important. I am super excited for it!

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