Saturday, June 29, 2013

So Natalie!

That's pretty exciting about the changes that they will be making! (Missionaries will now  be able to use internet tools like Facebook and Email as part of their contacting.) I wouldn't be surprised if my mission starts it off soon considering the amount of members in Mesa (17.5 stakes in my mission!!!! I think that's second only to the Provo mission or something. Soooo crazy!) I'm not really sure how using Facebook as a missionary will work, but I think that after it all gets figured out, then it will be a great tool! These elders actually came up to Hna Wright and I while we were studying and I guess they've been piloting a internet missionary program. They've been doing it for 5 months already. So they do their missionary work via facebook chat or skype with people in South America! One elder had 10 converts baptized over facebook chat! They are using the internet mission for disabled missionaries or for visa-waiters. 
Okay and the world wide broadcast, isn't that crazy that for like the 10 seconds that you could see sisters, how much I was on there???  
I kind of looked like ridiculously excited... They kept telling us that we all looked really sad and that we needed to smile more, but it looks like I was the only one who listened!
(Sorry about catching you with your eyes closed Sis. Wright.)
It was just so great to be sitting behind 11 apostles. They kept waving back at us and giving us thumbs up (especially Elder Maxwell! He was so excited!)  And what about that call for stronger member missionary work?? Sounds like you guys will be needing to do even more than I have to! I encourage you all to listen to what they said and start implementing it into your own lives! Remember how important this message is. God is hastening His work and wants all of His children to know of His love for them and to know of His plan for them. The worst people can say is no! And if you are motivated out of love, there's no way that they can be offended by you. The broadcast is online on if any of you would like to watch it again (or try to find me in the choir :) ).

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