Friday, July 12, 2013

Important! Mailing Instructions!

Good advice from Pres. Jenkins on sending mail to Natalie.  The full details are below.  
The most important points:   
  • Send things to the Mission Home,
  • Use US Postal Service so the mission home can quickly forward things to Natalie's correct current address.

The easiest way to send packages: 
  • Use priority mail as mentioned in the letter.  However, priority padded envelopes work great and only cost $5.70 to ship. (You can probably fit a medium priority sized box in one.)  
  • Go online to and you can purchase postage and print it at home; then just put the package in your mailbox.
  • You can also order the padded envelopes, (they are not always stocked at the post office), for free online under shipping supplies. It takes about a week or two for them to be delivered. (I have a supply too if you don't want to wait!)


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