Sunday, July 7, 2013

Little Abuelitas!

 I think my favorite teaching moment this week was at TRC yesterday. We taught the sweetest little grandma ever! Oh she just melted my heart! She has over 20 great grandchildren and she served a mission in Uruguay when she was young. After her first husband passed away, she served a mission in Mexico. This lady is probably in her 80s and she has awesome Spanish! She just shined with joy of the gospel. It was so easy to have the Spirit with us when we were talking to her. Even though she has so much life experience and knows so much, she really looked to us to teach her. She made me feel like we have something valuable and important to say, even though she is so much more experienced than us. She was just so loving and happy. We could just tell how important the gospel is to her. Ah she was the best! I love little abuelitas! 

Now that I've been here for a month (CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE THAT?), I got this schedule down haha. Lots of studying time, lots of class, lots of teaching. All the days seem to blend into one. They go so fast, but they go so slowly. It's just so weird to think I am going to be leaving this place soon. I'm going to be going out and doing real work. I'm sad to leave my district after literally spending 24/7 with them for the last four weeks. But I can't wait to get out there in the field and start doing the work! (Editor's note: Yup, looks to me like this district is ready to move on to the next thing.)
Because we are almost done teaching our teachers, we started being "investigators" for the other missionaries in our district. We are teaching Elder Bentson and Elder Toolson. I just absolutely cannot take them seriously! I laughed for the first 5 minutes of teaching them I swear haha it was so bad. To begin with, they are just very charismatic and hard to take seriously, but the characters (we were supposed to think of one of our good friends who we know well who we think could use the gospel in their lives - but I think they missed that memo) are sooo ridiculous. One is Frank MacDonald and an alcoholic redneck, and the other is Pat Finkbinder who is this super rich orthodontist that just loves money. It will definitely be very interesting & fun to teach them more. I already accidentally just told Pat that money doesn't matter and I think he got pretty offended by that sooooo... yeah we will see how it goes!

Also, I GOT INTO THE NURSING PROGRAM! LIke how its at the end of my email?? That's because I don't really think about it too much.... Don't get me wrong I am supperrrrr excited! This is something I've been dreaming of for a long time! (another lesson - hard work pays off! work hard, okay) I am here to do God's work right now, and I am trying to focus my all on it. In 17 months though, I'm sure I won't be talking about much else :) Thanks for always supporting me and cheering me on and listening to me endlessly worry about my grades and classes while I've been working on this! I'm really excited to get started and see what happens!

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