Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Small Miracle

I really, really love it here. Everyday I am learning more and more. I realize how truly important the gospel is in our lives. It is EVERYTHING. When people reject us, it just makes me sad because I know what these people are missing. I know the happiness that they are denying themselves, and they just don't understand. I want everyone to have what I have. I want everyone to feel this love and joy. I just wish people would understand. I love the people here so much. They are so great! It is weird how comfortable I feel talking to people that I never really was with before in my life. But I just see them as the Children of God that they are. I try to always see who they can become, not who they are now.

Cute kids in a pool
We found out that Manuel actually isn't in our area... They just switched the boundaries a little bit, but since he is in the same branch still and has a baptismal date, Pres. Jenkins said we could still work with him! Yay! We are going to have to move his date though, so he might switch to the other Sisters, but I'm not sure. We met his wife this week! We ate dinner at his house. His wife is really nice, and I think she is probably interested. We taught a little lesson to her, but the other Hnas. are going to start working with her. They both came to stake conference on Saturday night! That was really good. Oh I have a cool miracle about that by the way! While we were waiting for them to show up, we got some translation headphones to be ready for them. We turned them on to make sure they worked, and seriously not a single one did. They were so fuzzy and you could barely hear a trace of a voice, but mostly just fuzz. I was really worried that at their first time at church, they wouldn't be able to understand anything, and it would be a bad experience for them. I thought to pray to have the headphones start working. Hna Leon said a prayer, and we exercised our faith in the Lord. Right after we said the prayer, they started working. It was truly a miracle. It's just so cool see that God really does care about even the littlest things that goes on in His children's lives. He really is in all of the details. On Sunday, Manuel couldn't get work off, so he wasn't able to come to church. We had a lesson with him about keeping the Sabbath day holy. We read Exodus 20 in the 10 commandments, how God has asked us to not work on Sundays. It is really the hardest thing for me to tell this people to not work on Sundays. Because really, they are so lucky to even have a job. It is so hard for people to get a job, and they can barely provide for their families as it is. But I realized that it takes faith for me to ask them to do that. And I have faith. I know that God gives us commandments for our benefit, and we will always be blessed to keep them. God always prepares a way for us to fulfill them also. So we talked to him about that, and I think we scared him a little bit. I don't know. I just hope he starts to understand.

But we also talked to another investigator, this week and invited her to be baptized on Sept 7th! She was VERY reluctant at first, but we talked to her about the blessings of baptism and the huge blessings that come with having the gift of the Holy Ghost. We have all we could ever need if we have the Holy Ghost with us. She thought she wouldn't be ready for it by then, but we asked her to pray about it. Yesterday she said she prayed about it, and she felt really good about it! Yay! She just has to make sure that Pablo will be moving out of the house before then. I just feel so bad for her. She is in such a hard position. She is pretty much on her own with a daughter, and her pregnancy is being really hard on her. She doesn't have enough money to pay the bills without Pablo's help, but if she leaves it will drop her credit score a lot. I just really want to help her. She is really converted though and has so much trust in Heavenly Father. She loves her children so much, and is doing all that she can to do what's right for them. I just really know that the blessings of the Holy Ghost will be such a huge help for her. 

Sorry I didn't send anything yesterday, we had mission conference with Elder Cardon from the 70. It was soooo good! Holy cow. I will tell more about it later. But that means today is my P-Day instead.

Hna. Leon and me at the temple
Last Tuesday we got to go to the temple! We get to go once a transfer. (But we're going to go again today because today we have P-Day and its open on Tuesdays!) We had a bunch of meetings this week, so we didn't have a lot of time in the field. It threw us off a bit. On Tuesday we had a trainee/trainer meeting. I seriously have the greatest mission president & wife in the entire world. I am so blessed. He is really relaxed and trusts us a lot. Pretty much our only rules are what is in the white handbook. He's not one for giving a ton of pointless rules - thank goodness. (Some cool rules he has: on p-days we can go ANYWHERE in the mission, and for meals we can leave our area if we can get back within the hour). But yeah at that meeting Hna Leon raised her hand that I would be ready to train next transfer.... so its a possibility. I don't think it will happen, but I'm nervous! I think Hna Leon and I will probably stay together. (Transfers are 2 weeks away, I'm thinking kind of far ahead haha...) 

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