Sunday, August 25, 2013

Gift of the Holy Ghost

Mission conference was sooo great! I wish I could explain everything that we talked about, but I can't. Pres Jenkins started off by talking about what it really means to be children of God. How we have been preparing since the beginning of time for this. How we have divine potential.

Elder Cardon then talked a lot about the Holy Ghost. He explained something I never realized before - you know when Peter denied Christ 3 times? It was because He didn't have the Holy Ghost with him then. (The Holy Ghost wasn't on the earth when Christ was alive). He had never had a testimony of Christ from the Spirit, and so when Christ wasn't with him, it was much easier for him to doubt that. But after Christ was resurrected and he received the Gift of the Holy Ghost, he gave a strong, powerful testimony to those same people about the divinity of Christ. That just shows me how truly powerful the testimony of Christ that the Spirit gives us is. It helps me understand how important it is that my investigators understand the role of the Holy Ghost in their conversion. We talked about a lot of other things, but its too much to write! He gave me sooo many good ideas and helped me understand the gospel better. It was such a blessing and a privilege to learn from him!
(8-13-13 Email)

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